Starting of DR1L
- Press the priming bulb repeatedly until fuel can be seen in the clear-plastic fuel-return tube.
- Move the choke lever to the OPEN (DOWN) position.
  Engaging of DR1L
- Ensure that lowest ratio is pre-selected while drive is disengaged from tire.
- Select a lowest ratio from bike speeds.
- Engage drive to the tire by releasing swivel bolt.
- Pedal to start the engine while applying half-throttle.
- Wait until engine gets warm before you apply full throttle.
  Changing speed of DR1L
- When drive is engaged, transmission shifter should only be used while in motion.
- Counter-clockwise rotation of transmission shifter acts to increase bike velocity while clockwise rotation results in lower bike velocity and higher torque.
- You can adjust gear ratio according to bike velocity, engine rpm and inclination of the road.
  Parking of DR1L
- For a full-stop and parking you can disengage drive using swivel bolt.
- Leave the choke lever in the CLOSED (UP) position.
- Put bike into double legged kickstand.
- Alwaws keep the rear tire at maximum recommended pressure.
- Spray Berner High Performance Lubricant to the thrust bearings every time when fill your gas tank.