Removing Bike Parts
- Use of BTWIN Double Leg Kickstand is strongly recommended.
- Remove rear V-Brake calipers (Hex 5 Allen key), rear brake cable, rear brake pivots (8mm spanner), remove saddle and rear tire.
- Clean inside of pivot roots with a LOCTITE cleaner which does not leave residue.
  Installation of Pivots
- Apply provided LOCTITE 270 thread locker to the conical pivots.
- Screw and unscrew nuts on the conical pivots by hand so that they are immersed in LOCTITE 270 thread locker.
- Screw two conical pivots using 9mm spanner until they touch bike chassis.
- Fully screw two nuts using 17mm spanner.
  Installation of N-Piece
- Install N-Piece onto the conical pivots firstly by hand to the farthest point it will go.
- Apply provided LOCTITE 270 thread locker to the M6x16mm black nuts.
- Fully screw M6x16mm black nuts using Hex5 Allen key.
  Installation of Transmission
- Remove nut and thrust bearing with its washers from joint bolt.
- Insert joint bolt to transmission with remaining conical disk washer first and thrust bearing with its washers positioned on the left side of the transmission.(P1)
- Insert previously removed thrust bearing with its washers to the joint bolt so that they are positioned on right side of transmission.
- Fully screw joint bolt to the N-piece using 15mm spanner.
- Apply provided LOCTITE 270 thread locker to the end of joint bolt.
- While holding 15mm spanner in the same direction fully screw M10 nut using 17mm spanner.
- Spray Berner High Performance Lubricant to the end of the washers.
  Installation of Bike Parts and Engine
- Select one of the two (M5 or M6) spring retainer bolts according to the accessory mounts provided on the bike.
- Solid part of spring retainer bolt should point to transmission assembly.
- One washer is allocated for either side of the bike.
- First screw retainer bolt in the direction shown until it is firmly in place. Secondly screw torque retaining nut.
- A slick tire with narrow profile (25-30mm) is required to be used as rear tire. (BTWIN Resist Slick Tire)
  Installation of Bike Parts and Engine(Continued)
- Install clutch restrictor and hex rings to the clutch in the direction shown.(P2)
- Insert four M6x30mm socket bolts to the transmission assembly so that they do not protrude from the engine side.
- Align clutch, clutch restrictor, hex rings and transmission assembly.
- Gently mate engine to the transmission assembly and fully screw four socket bolts using Hex5 Allen key.
  Installation of Spring and Final Steps
- Insert one end of the spring to spring retainer bolt and the other to the transmission assembly.
- Install throttle cable according to HONDA GX-25 instructions.(P3)
- Engine can be disengaged from tire using swivel bolt.(P4)
- Arrange bike controls, throttle and transmission shifters.
- Throttle and transmission cable can be routed in parallel to existing bike control cables.
- All LOCTITE`s need to be cured. Leave the bike for 24 hours.
  P1 P2 P3 P4